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Brand experience means to create invisible perception.

Trainings & workshops, specifically for marketing experts, designers and product developers.

We translate ideas. From expert to expert.

Lectures from practise

The seminar content of the Invisible Experience Academy was developed by Jan Dietrich and Heike Albig. The experts for communication support clients in the development of brand and user experience projects on a daily basis. In the lectures and workshops they transfer their knowledge to clients, who want to improve their products, services and processes. Our approach: • Co-creation…

Experience Design, Crosslabs & Co

How much our invisible perception affects us we notice, when we become aware of our mobile phone making an unusual noise, if the car gear lever ticks, or a new detergent suddenly smells of mint. The academic seminars of Invisible Experience are developed for students of design, architecture, landscape design, engineering, arts and media.  • What does the internet smell…

Clients & Feedback

“…exciting to think innovation from a new perspective! Well prepared, well organized, good to work with.”Cisco Systems GmbH, Hamburg We had a lot of ideas before the workshop, but we didn’t know how to evaluate and develop them further. The user-oriented workshop with Jan Dietrich was an excellent way to structure our approaches. Thanks to…