“…exciting to think innovation from a new perspective! Well prepared, well organized, good to work with.”
Cisco Systems GmbH, Hamburg

Many thanks for your significant contribution to the Car HMi Concepts & Systems 2014 and for helping to make it a success. We hope to welcome you again at one of our upcoming conferences.
Dr. Klaudia Malowitz, We.Conect Global Leaders, Berlin

We had a lot of ideas before the workshop, but we didn’t know how to evaluate and develop them further. The user-oriented workshop with Jan Dietrich was an excellent way to structure our approaches. Thanks to the professional moderation, all potentials and resources could be optimally used, from programmers over product management up to marketing. This made very exciting concepts possible.
avodaq AG, Hamburg

Thank you for your excellent work at the university.
Oliver Kartak, Universität für angewandte Kunst, Wien

It was an enrichment to deal with packaging in this form. We talked a lot about it on the way back, we are convinced that our tasks and the development of our packaging and advertising material will be able to take acoustics much better into account.
Markus Dilger. Karl Knauer KG

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• Cisco Systems GmbH
• avodaq AG
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