intensify the contact to the customer

How can the subjective brand experience be strengthened in addition to the visual identity?
An in-house training course with an international cosmetics manufacturer develops invisible experience strategies.

Starting position

Fast moving goods are becoming more and more comparable. Many brands compete with each other in the market, and customers tend to be overwhelmed by the number of choices. For an international cosmetics manufacturer, strategies should be developed for enhancing the customer experience through packaging. Target was,

– to increase the subjective quality impression of products during use.

– to equip packaging with features that characterize brand experience (“Toblerone-effect”).

– to develop a strategy for triggering these characteristics in Youtube product reviews or the own brand communication.


In workshops, the managers of the different product brands were brought together with representatives of the company’s marketing, R&D experts, designers and packaging engineers. The participants were taught the cognitive basics of Invisible Design. In addition, competitors were compared, own products tested, weak points were identified and targets formulated.

In the following, interdisciplinary teams were moderated on how to integrate the objectives into the workflow of the respective product brands.

From the workshops, direct measures were derived. They have also improved the innovation process within the company on the basis of interdisciplinary cooperation.