In recent years, cars have developed into rolling computers.
But how does the driver use the many functions - without looking at a display?

Starting point

Many car manufacturers undertake large investigations to digitize their vehicles. However, when communicating and consuming content, many drivers prefer to use their smartphones. This sometimes has fatal consequences: the use of smartphones on the road already causes more personal injury than alcohol.
Vehicle manufacturers are in a dilemma. An interaction surface that deflects the eye like a smartphone is not allowed in the vehicle. At the same time, it gives the impression that many vehicle manufacturers are losing the connection when it comes to user expectations.

Intensive training & moderation

In an intensive training course on the subject of mobile phone orchestration, the invisible design of smart devices was analyzed and briefly reconstructed. Aim for the participants was to transfer the knowledge to one’s own activities in the automotive sector.

During the moderation of round tables on the topic of driver distraction, strategies were compared between car and motorcycle manufacturers on how the participants deal with the visual distraction of drivers.

Interview: Driver Distraction.