Learn to design the invisible. We connect the innovative disciplines of your company. From marketing, Brand, R&D, engineering and design. Expect professional discussions, the naming of pros & cons, first strategic recommendations, targeted input for the further development of brand and products – and a chaired, interdisciplinary dialogue between the creative makers of your enterprise.

The Invisible Experience Lab adresses both B2B and B2C companies. Sectors reach from automotive, consumer lifestyle, FMCG, packaging over event-planning up to architecture.

• For off-the-job training, project-workshop or R&D.
1-2 intensive days, confidential and with follow-up care on demand.
• Modular structure between input, discussion and teamwork.
Examples from real live practise, enterprise- and process oriented discussions, interdisciplinary moderation.
• Tailormade focus on your company.
Focus on products and services of your company.
• Hands-on Workshops.
Work with fast samples and prototypes to show and discuss ideas and capabilities.
• In-house, externally or in our venue.
Premises as required: at your enterprise, at event locations or in our academy-rooms in Hamburg.